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Duck Hunts start with breakfast being served from 5:00 AM. At sun up you will  be transported by argo to one of our comfortable pit blinds buried in a flooded corn field. The pit blinds are either 10 foot -4 man steel pits with sliding tops or 5 man-12 foot fiberglass pits. Some blinds are heated. Using 3 pumps and 12 ice eaters we are able to hunt nearly everyday of the season. You will be teamed with one of our members that is familiar with the club and the best way to hunt the different blinds. At the end of your hunt-usually around noon-you will be picked u and transported back to the lodge where lunch will be ready. Your birds will be cleaned and packaged for your trip home at a nominal cost. Or you may want to spend the night at our comfortable Bunk House.

Contact Us for Availability.


Kankakee Marsh Hunt Clubmailto:info@kankakeemarshhuntclub.comKankakee Marsh Hunt ClubKankakee Marsh Hunt ClubKankakee Marsh Hunt Club

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