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Welcome to Kankakee Marsh Hunt Club


The word Kankakee conjures visions of duck filled skies in the minds of waterfowl hunters who have read about the historic Indiana region of the Mississippi Flyway--and also for a select few who have been fortunate enough to hunt there. It is one of the great names in North American waterfowl history.View

Kankakee Marsh Hunt Club invites the outdoor enthusiast to visit the ultimate hunting experience. Nestled in Northern Indiana (Starke and LaPorte counties), only the highest quality facilities are offered. The Kankakee Marsh Hunt Club is dedicated to high standards and the ethical pursuit of game and the preservation of wildlife habitat.

Back in the 1800’s, hunters came from other states and other countries to test their hunting skills in the famous Grand Kankakee Marsh. The abundance of furred animals and waterfowl were legendary. This legendary wildlife is just as populated today as in years before. The center of this legendary hunting area is The Kankakee Marsh Hunt Club.

Hunting is superb. Over 1200 acres of owned hunting ground including 700 acres of flooded corn and 20 duck blinds adjacent to 5000 acres of the State of Indiana’s Kankakee Game Preserve makes The WaterfowlKankakee Marsh Hunt Club not only one of the biggest but the best duck hunting club in Indiana and the Midwest.  And it is only a short drive from Chicago and other Midwest.

Kankakee Marsh Hunt Club is dedicated to preserving our sport by participating in WRP, and CRP  programs. We are also GOLD Sponsors for Ducks Unlimited, and Members of Delta Waterfowl . We restrain from shooting hens with a strict "fine program" with proceeds going as an additional donation to Ducks Unlimited. Additionally in the off season we maintain and install wood duck boxes, hen houses and maintain and improve habitat for waterfowl. We are a 12 month a year club and all members share a goal "to give back" to insure our passion for water fowling will be here for generations to come.


Kankakee Marsh Hunt Clubmailto:info@kankakeemarshhuntclub.comKankakee Marsh Hunt ClubKankakee Marsh Hunt ClubKankakee Marsh Hunt Club

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